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The state of procurement in manufacturing 2024: How leaders can reduce risk and optimize for greater savings and efficiency

The U.S. procurement market is undergoing a pivotal transformation. Get to grips with what this looks like, why this shift is happening and what this means for procurement leaders moving forward.

We dive into the following sectors: automotive, electronics, chemicals, FMCG, food, pharma.

This report aims to help you understand:


  • The state of US manufacturing today, across several key sectors (outlined above)
  • The state of global procurement
  • What's shifted post-pandemic
  • Key industry trends
  • How that impacts yours risks, challenges and opportunities
  • What skills and resources you will need to prioritize to deliver change
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“The enterprise procurement leaders we work with are navigating a new landscape and facing even steeper challenges with leaner teams and higher cost-cutting requirements. These require new technologies, new skills, new partnerships and a new type of leadership.” 

- Heidi Humphries, Executive Director Of Sales & Marketing, DSSI

Why does it matter?

Understanding these market dynamics is crucial for navigating the current landscape and strategizing for future growth. The pandemic has not just disrupted; it has fundamentally reshaped procurement and supply chain properties, demanding a strategic reevaluation to build resilience and adaptability.

Furthermore, such upheaval means procurement and supply chain leaders are in the unfamiliar position of having the full attention of top management - and a mandate to make real change.

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